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Crossbow is not allowed in Greenland.

Compound bowhunt only with clear accept at booking, and as 1:1 hunt.

Ending date on hunts are they day we return back to Kangerlussuaq town, so you cant fly home that day. Returnflight shoud be the day after, or later. 

Please notice changes for 2026, all hunts:

Day 1: On arrivalday we still got to camp

Day 2+3+4: Tre days of hunting, where we go back to Kangerlussuaq in the evening on the last huntingday.

Day 5: You fly home


Winterhunt dates 2026

Tour 1 - 28/2 to 3/3 - 3 openings

Tour 2 - 5/3 to 8/3 - sold out

Tour 3 - 10/3 to 13/3 - 4 openings

Tour 4 - 15/3 to 18/3 - 4 openings

Tour 5 - 20/3 to 24/4 - 4 openings

Tour 6 - 25/3 to 28/3 - 4 openings

Tour 7 - 30/3 to 3/4 - 4 openings

Tour 8 - 5/4 to 8/4 - 4 openings


Winterhunt prices 2026

Musk-ox hunt with 1 musk-ox                 5000 euro

Extra musk-ox                                           2500 euro

Caribou addon                                           1500 euro

Non hunter rate                                          2500 euro

Rifle rent Tikka                                              150 euro

Rifle rent Blaser (also left hand)                  220 euro

Shipping of trophy to DK pr trophy             200 euro (not including veterinarian control and transport in DK, the taxidermist take care of that)

All prices ar ein euro, but you can pay in US dollars or dk/kr at daily rate.

When paying with cash, we cant take 500 euro notes.

When paying cash, we cant take any 1000 dk/kr notes.

Also we cant take any money with coloring or writing on it.


Autumnhunt changes for 2026:

The hunts are sold as shown as caribou or musk-ox hunts, but you can still add the other specie so its a combo hunt. BUT to add a musk-ox during a caribou hunt, then you, the hunter must be fit and in training for it, and must be able to carry down the trophy yourself. So you must be realistic because even thow a shouldermount can be devided up in two loads of 30+10 kg, a full body mount is easily 55 kg. This because there might not be any helper to carry it down during hunts announced as caribou hunts, like the guide might not be able to carry it either.

You can add a extra huntingday, the price for that is for two hunters together. The hunt can not be devidede so only one hunter add a extra day, its all or nobody.

The hunts in 2026 is a bit more expensive, partly because of the normal price development, higher expenses due to the government, and also because these hunts are exclusive hunts where you are only two hunters in camp, so you will get better and more oppertunities to get the right animal. 

You can be up to 4 hunters on a hunt when you come together as a group that wants that. Still 1:2 guiding.

On caribou hunts tour 4 to 9 we are not "locked" to the main camp, we can walk up north in the highlands where there is more big ones in the warm period, we got campgear up there so we just nned to bring a little food, then we can stay up there a nigh tor two. But you cant add musk-ox up there.


Autumnhunt 2026 dates:

Tour 1-3 is in area 11 near the inlandice. We are driving and sailing to camp. Big chance of easy musk-ox near camp.

Musk-ox hunts:

Tour 1 - 31/7 to 3/8 - 2 openings

Tour 2 - 7/8 to 10/8 - 2 openings

Tour 3 - 14/8 to 17/8 - sold out

Tour 4 to 9 is in area 9. Driving with car and ATV, 1 km walking, and a little sailing.

Caribou hunts:

Tour 4 - 21/8 to 24/8 - sold out

Tour 5 - 28/8 to 31/8 - sold out

Tour 6 - 4/9 to 7/9 - 2 openings

Tour 7 - 11/9 to 14/9 - sold out

Tour 8 - 18/9 to 21/9 - 2 openings

Tour 9 - 25/9 to 28/9 - 2 openings

Tour 10 to 13 is in koncession area 11 by the inlandice. Driving and sailing to camp, no walking to camp.

Caribou hunts:

Tour 10 - 2/10 to 5/10 - sold out 

Tour 11 - 09/10 to 12/10 - sold out

Tour 12 - 16/10 to 19/10 - 1 opening

Tour 13 - 23/10 to 26/10 - 2 openings


Autumnhunt 2026 prices:

Caribouhunt with 1 animal                                                   5.000 euro (aug-sept-okt)

Add-on caribou                                                                      2.500 euro (aug-sept-okt)

Musk.ox hunt with 1 animal                                                 6.500 euro (Aug only)

Add-on musk-ox                                                                    3.000 euro (aug-sept-okt) You must carry tropy 

1 extra huntingday (pr 2 hunters together)                         2.200 euro

Additional price 1:1 guide                                                      1.800 euro (when possible)

Non hunter rate                                                                       1.800 euro (not possible at helicopterhunts)

Riflerent (Tikka)                                                                           150 euro

Riflerent (Blaser)                                                                          220 euro

Shipping of trophy to DK pr trophy                                            200 euro (excl. veterinarian control and further transport)

All prices are in Euro, but can also be payed in dk/kr, where 1 Euro = 7,42 dk/kr.

We can also take US and Canadian dollars, at daily exchange rate.

When paying in cash, then we cant take 500 euro notes.

When paying in cash, we cant take 1000 dk/kr notes.

Also we cant take any mony with coloring or writing on it.

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