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We fly out to the highlands north of Kangerlussuaq


The benefits is that we get far away to a area with alot of big caribou, and also a fine population of musk-ox. Trophies and meat still have to be carried back to camp, and all have to help with that, but often shorter distances. The camp is in the highlands next to som lakes, in the lakes we got boats to get easier around.

Camp is a basic tentcamp, small sleepingtents 1 persons a tent, and a bigger kitchentent for eating, drying clothes etc. There is mattresses in tents.

Caribou can be close to camp, and we just need to walk about 100-150 meters up to get to the higest tops where the caribou rests in the daytime. Musk-ox can require a bit more work to find them and carry them down to camp.


There will be 1 guide pr 2 hunters, and there will be some work with cutting meat, salting and drying meat, skinn and preserve trophies, and different campwork. So its nescessary that everybody help out so the guides have time enogh for everything.


Hunters can expect that they will be in charge of cooking, so the guides have time to take care of trophies and meat. We bring normal food, breakfast products, bread and coldmeats, and we eat the meat from the animals we shoot, with potatoes and rice etc. We dont use any freze dried foods.


There can be 5 hunters pr tour. 

Its not possible to add extra animals due to weight and volume in the helicopter.

There is 5 full huntingdays.


Day 0. Arrival at Kangerlussuaq. (please notice you arrive the day before we fly out on the hunt)

Day 1. We fly out and set up camp, and prepare everything.

Day 2+3+4+5+6

Day 7 We pack everything down, and fly back to town.

Day 8 We recommend a restingday in town. (a tour to the icecap can be arranged)

Day 9 Hunters fly back home.


Each hunter can bring 20 kg of luggage. No hand luggage allowed in helicopter, and all luggage have to be tjeked in at airgreenland the day before departure.


The helicopter we hire is also used for search and rescue operations, so delays can happen if its out on a rescue mission. So the flight home from Kangerlussuaq should not be planned for the day after we get back to town from the camp, we recommend you put in a extra day in case of delays. We take precautions for any delays and all consequences thereoff, due to Airgreenland delays with helicopter, no matter if its because of rescuemissions, technical problems, weather or other circumstances affecting the helicopter so it doesent fly on time.


Hunters should bring personal equipment, clothes and hikingboots, rainclothes, headlamp, sleepingbag, camoshoes and sunglases. Se also gearlist.


Tjek your travel insurance if it covers evacuation if it should get nescessary, but we do not recommend you go on this tour if you have serious medical problems that can require quick medical help, like serious diabetes or heartproblems. Evacuation is hunters own risk and expenses. But if you buy your hunt tru one of our normal huntingagents, he have a insurance that covers it. BUT get confirmation from the agent.





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