We are in north america, and its the original caribou in our region. Also known as "central barren ground caribou".

Unfortunately there is some misunderstandings about it some places, so that some organisation belive that our caribou is tame reindeer from scandinavia. So not all organisation accept our caribou as part of all awards.

Atm. CSI doesent accept it in all awards, but "Grand Slam Club Ovis" does. So if you are collecting the 29 species, tjek with your organisation.

The Kangerlussuaq area is divided from south greenland by a mountainrange with ice, so the animals cant cross. Near Nuuk there was a reindeer station with tame reĆ­ndeer from scandinavia, and there still is a reindeer station in southgreenland. And animals have been released form those, and escaped, so the reindeer population from Nuuk and in south Greenland is a mix of the original caribou and tame reindeer.

You can find the dokumenation here at the Greenland Nature Institute The Greenland Caribou  But only in danish, so google translate it. Our huntingarea is the Kangerlussuaq-Sisimiut region with only indigenous caribou.


You can read about the Greenland musk-ox here The Greenland Musk-ox   Also only in danish.